Saturday, January 10, 2009

Review: Word of Promise New Testament Dramatic Audio Bible

Reviewing a dramatic audio version of the bible is a bit outside my usual book review range, but I received this from the Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers program. At the time I requested it they were not offering any other book that I was interested in reading. As I do not have much experience with audio books, I have foregone rating this product.

This is a dramatic audio version of the New Testament on three MP3 CD's. Also included is a behind the scenes DVD. The cast consists of over 100 actors, including Sean Austin as the narrator, Max and Jenna Lucado, Corbin Bleu and many well known others. The text comes from the complete International Children's Bible and takes up over twenty three hours, and though I personally prefer the King James version, this text was very clear and accessible. The acting was very well done, some of the actors better than others, I especially enjoyed Sean Austin as the narrator. Though I have to say that I was not entirely pleased with the voice of Jesus, but I guess that is a difficult role to live up to. Along with voice acting, are sound affects and pleasant music which are very understated and tastefully done. I would recommend this for young adults and children, it was very easy to understand and follow, and the draw of the popular actors may help those reluctant listeners. This could also be a good product for those who may be looking for a gentle introduction to the New Testament.


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