Friday, February 1, 2008

The Jerusalem Diet: Guided imagery and the Personal Path to Weight Control

by Judith Besserman

Rating: 3/5

Grade: B - 14 and up (because no one younger should be reading a diet book

The Jerusalem Diet is not your conventional diet book. Instead of going into a specific eating/exercise plan, this books delves into the reasons why we overeat, and our overall relationship with food. The book has ten common sense rules, and 43 exercises of guided imagery, or visualizations, that are meant to heal this relationship permanently. Having just read through the book without taking the time to follow along with the imagery, I cannont say for sure how effective it will be. I have, however been impressed with the way this book has already changed my thinking, bringing me to think about each and everything that I put into my mouth, and what it is doing for me. I am expecting a baby, so am not currently in a position to fully use the exercises in this book; the ones that I have used, however, have already greatly effected the foods that I am feeding myself and my growing child. And some of the guided imagery has been helpful in alleviating some fears I have about childbirth. I would recommend this book to anyone who is commencing on a plan to lose weight. It could be used with most any weight loss plan, and would be a asset.

That being said, this book is in need of a good editor. It is very repetitive, it says the same things over and over, it dosen't know when to quite, when to leave good enough alone, if you get my drift. Also, if you are looking for a weight loss plan "a diet" which tells you what to eat when, or gives nutritional advice, this is not it. This book is all in the head.


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