Monday, July 2, 2007

Hmm. What to say about this book. Well, it was humorous, and very real. The flap of the book cover says that it is based on the life of the author. It is the diary of a 60th year, as it says on the cover. It deals with her giving up on having a man in her life, her best friends struggle with cancer, becoming a grandmother, living with a 19 year old french girl as a boarder, and coming up on old age.
Her view on age is very funny, and refreshing. She is happy to be 60, because she can know officially have and excuse to relax, to forget about trying to improve herself, learn a new language, travel. (apparently, in England, the Senior Citizen mile mark is 60, instead of 65 like in the US, because I don't view 60 as old at all)
It was slightly surprising to me for someone who views themselves as old to have lived a youth of free love, drugs, abortion, and atheism. Probably because the older generation with which I am familiar are faithful members of the LDS church, and mainly missed out on the whole 60's thing.
There was some bad language in the book, mainly involved with the bad neighborhood the woman lived in.


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