Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review: Castle in the Mist: Planet of The Dogs, Volume 2

Author: Robert J. McCarty

Illustrated by: Stella Mustanoja McCarty

Rating: 4.5/5

Grade: A - All Ages

Castle in the Mist is the second installment of the Planet of the Dogs Series. While it is enjoyable to read it after having read Planet of the Dogs, the first book in the series, it can also stand on its own. In Planet of the Dogs the dogs come to the earth for the first time, in order to save the people of Green Valley from invaders from Stone City. The dogs were successful, and the Stone City Warriors have been living peacefully for over a year, with dogs of their own, when Castle in the Mist begins.

The dogs are once more alerted to trouble on earth. Nik and Nikki, the children of the Stone City Warrior leader, Bif, have been kidnapped. Prince Ukko, leader of the Black Hawk Tribe, who has invaded and taken residence in the Castle of the forest people, is unhappy that the Stone City Warriors have turned to peace. He is afraid that the peace will spread, and the lifestyle of himself and his army will be in danger. When Bif refuses his request for one hundred horses and two dogs, he has Bifs children kidnapped and held for ransom.

Having so recently brought peace to the earth, the dogs are afraid that it will now be taken away. Bifs anger and desire for revenge is great, and he will stop at nothing to recover his children. Can the dogs resolve the situation before war brakes out? Can Prince Ukko's hard, black heart be softened?

Castle in the Mist is full of the same elements I enjoyed in Planet of the Dogs and Snow Valley Heroes: beautiful, detailed, soft, mood setting drawings; the fun and antics of the dogs, and the people who are discovering them for the first time; encroaching danger and suspense; the lovely fantasy of a planet of dogs who are so concerned with the people of earth; and the forgiveness, unconditional love and loyalty that the dogs are able to subtly impart.

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Robert McCarty February 23, 2009 at 3:14 AM  

Dear Lisa,
Stella and I want to thank you for your warm and enthusiastic review of Castle In The Mist and for your very positive reviews of the other books in the Planet of the Dogs series.
We are most appreciative,
Robert and Stella

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